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What People Are Saying

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    • Sandilee M.
    • Costa Mestsa, CA

    Another place I have tried to replace My Fit Foods meals--I really like BMMP a lot & will be ordering again for sure! Here are the many reasons: - Great customer service = The chef returned my call last week before I placed my order, and couldn't have been nicer--he answered all my questions & gave me a coupon code since it was my first order. He also asked for suggestions (smart), so I also put them below my praise here.

    • Hazel E.
    • Costa Mestsa, CA

    This is my first week ordering from BMMP and I am really impressed! I've tried one other meal prep company and I was so turned off because I received several meals where the brown rice was only half cooked (bleh!!). However, everything I've had so far from BMMP has been delicious and very well prepared.

    • Tracy H.
    • Irvine, CA

    They had a wide selection of options that revolved around several different types of proteins. I liked that they usually had at 2 different preparation of each protein to choose from.